Healthy Eating Advice

Since starting our New Healthy Eating / Get Fit Programme, many Bodycheck members have enjoyed excellent weight loss results. One female member has lost five stone, and a male in his 20s has shed eight stone.

At Bodycheck we know that everyone has individual needs and targets. Some people only have a few pounds to lose where others have much larger targets. All are encouraged to follow our Healthy Eating Programme or we help them follow their own.

They are all supervised in their training to assist the weight loss process and this is where our successes have come, combining a supervised training programme with healthy eating. We give monthly prizes for the most successful. This loss in weight does not have to have been in that particular month, but overall. Steady weight-loss and gradual increased fitness is key.

If you want to talk about your fitness targets, whether or not they involve weight loss - just ask Glenn at the club for an individual programme. Remember, a balanced diet and a sensible fitness programme brings many lifestyle and health rewards.