Welcome to the heart of Glossop

Glenn Campbell and his professional team have put their heart and soul into running the club, successfully helping people of all ages and sizes to lose weight, tone up and reduce stress.

Glenn is the motivation behind Bodycheck - the club aimed at “real people in the real world” with an atmosphere where members can relax and achieve their goals in terms of fitness and weight loss, whatever their ages, sizes and shape.

The secret of the club’s success lies in the understanding of their member, and the willingness to give them all the support they need in making lifestyle changes.

The club offers a complete package of nutritional advice, planned exercise and regular “one2ones” along with plenty of support from friendly and well trained staff. Bodycheck staff love to see their members progress as Glenn explains: “We all find it very rewarding when our members lose weight and feel happy with their results. Being a member is a great stress reliever and helps you cope with the hard times in life.”